Perfectly Mixed

Today I am here to tell you that mixed-race is beautiful. We should not only accept ourselves and others, but we should embrace each other and be proud.

The number of multiracial or multiethnic infants in the U.S. have tripled since 1980, and in 2015, 14% of infants were multiracial or multiethnic. The number of interracial marriages have more than doubled during that time as well. There is a huge projected growth rate for multiracial individuals in the United States.

So I think it's about time that the general population of Americans celebrate us.

The rising mixed-race population comes with many benefits to society in general. First of all, we don't fit into the conventional boxes that people have conveniently made to put people into. Because of this, we bring whole new unique experiences. Expressing them can open up people's minds about race and ethnicity, and educate them on so many more types of experiences than they're used to. The population can continue to learn that people encompass more than a few categories that you place them into, and that every single person has a unique story.

When people are more than one race, they represent multiple different racial experiences, and how different races are able to come together. We represent the diversity of America and know what it's like to be multiple different races, which we can communicate to others, spreading awareness. Mixed-race people represent different races coming together, which can create a vast amount of progress toward racial equality.

Honestly, mixed-race people are starting to bring a mindset that we should all work to adopt, which is the fact that everyone is equal, regardless of race. We're all just human beings. We should celebrate both our similarities and our differences, but come together and treat each other with respect regardless.

The point I'm trying to make here is that even with the struggles mixed-race people face, of often feeling like we don't belong, our existance actually contributes a lot to society. We have a crucial role in making progress toward racial equality. I have hope that one day, as we grow in population, our presence will be fully embraced and even loved, as people realize that we represent important societal changes that need to be made toward equality.