The Rope That Pulls

The rope that tugs from opposite directions

Is too tight. Breaks me.

I'm all mixed up -

Sometimes I feel I'm a diluted version of something else,

Something stronger.

Sometimes I feel I'm too much. The clash is so powerful.

Where do I go?

In a world that doesn't seem to want either part of me,

While some people want just one.

I'm too much, I'm not enough.

"Where are you from?" you ask,

The reply "Earth" doesn't seem to suffice.

But if I had blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin,

There wouldn't be a question to answer.

And your wide eyes and surprised exclamations when I reveal my identity

Tell me I'm all alone.

You've never met someone like me. Neither have I.

Sometimes it feels like society wasn't built to accommodate me.

It's not used to me yet.

It needs time to process the fact that everything's changing.

But the rope that binds me can't pick a side

So it tugs,

And I don't know who to be.

So stop tugging the rope.

Let it go,

Let me be everything,

Get used to it.